Who Are We & What Does WomenAide Do?

WomenAide is a Toronto-based non-profit group founded in 2006.

Our #1 mission is to donate goods-in-kind to women who have suffered spousal abuse. Through community partners and passionate volunteers, WomenAide has collected and donated thousands of personal care products to women in need. These goods have been distributed to women’s abuse shelters in Toronto such as Women’s Habitat, Ernestine’s, ETA Vaughan, Red Door Family Shelter and Nellie’s.

The Yellow Brick House
North York Women’s Shelter

Who Are These Women?

Domestic violence and verbal abuse against women has no boundary. It touches every demographic – the rich, the poor, the middle class. Perhaps you know of a poor soul yourself – a family member, a friend.

Unfortunately, women that are new to the country can have a bit of a disadvantage. They may lack friends or family to turn to for support. English is often not their first language. Lack of money might be an issue.

Fortunately the shelters are working 24/7 to provide temporary safety, support and crisis counseling. There is a place to go.