WomenAide would like to thank all of our fabulous donors:

N.Leite donates to WomenAide - June 2018

V. Chopra and N. Ferrari donate to WomenAide - May 2018

Oak Street donor provides goods to WomenAide - April 2018

Thank-you S.Nguyen for your donations - March 2018

Thank-you B. Fucic for your baby formula donations - March 2018

Many thanks to the Malkit Kumari family for your wonderful donations! - March 2018

Thank-you K. Gordon, L. Kocis and K. Pannu for your holiday donations - Dec 2017

Thank-you Jennifer Lee for your WomenAide donations - Oct 2017

Thank-you Etobicoke's H. Chiaramonte for your WomenAide donations - Sept 2017

Thank-you L.Grima and J.Obaid for donating to WomenAide - June 2017

Thank-you Anon for your donations - May 2017

C. Kettle donates to WomenAide -

Thank-you B. Burns, S. Raza, D. Luxford, J. Jeffrey, M. Giggal, K. Hoang, E Shum, and the DeMontis & Tsaktsiris families for your generous WomenAide Holiday Drive donations! - Dec 2014

Ooodles of thanks to “Big B little b” for their generous donation of pretty hair clips - Oct 2014

Thank-you Natalie B. for your WomenAide donation - Oct 2014

Many thanks Kelly W. and Carrie F. for your WomenAide donations - Sept 2014

Thank-you Dora G., Natasha T. and Paige D. for your generous donations - June 2014

S. Shairulla, S. Friis, A. Maria, L. Utting and J. Lewis donate to WomenAide - Nov 2012 - Jan 2013

Medela Canada donates 400 products to WomenAide - Dec 2012

The Toronto Women's Expo raises 400 WomenAide donations - Dec 2012

Amway Canada donates 123 personal care products to WomenAide - Dec 2012

T. Seegers, D. Clarino, C. Betker-Forrest,.S.Coles and A. Marza donate to WomenAide - Aug - Oct, 2012

The Toronto Women's Expo raises over 350 products for WomenAide. Thank you Randi Goodman for the partnership! June 2012